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Since 1947, Preston Lions Football Club has become one of the biggest football clubs in Australia housing local & international football talent. Preston Lions FC is a professional football club that competes in the Australian Domestic Competition, the National Premier Leagues.

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    Preston Lions FC - Payments

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Project Details

Preston Lions FC, a local soccer club, had been dealing with a number of issues related to player payments. For one, the process of collecting payments was inconvenient for both the players and the club. Players had to physically come to the club to make their payments, which was not always practical, especially for those who lived far away or had busy schedules. This also meant that the club had to keep track of all the payments manually, using Excel spreadsheets. This was a time-consuming process that may result in errors. To address these issues, Only Tech Solutions developed a solution for the club.

Our Solution
we were determined to find a solution that would not only streamline the process but also provide additional benefits for our players and management team. After careful consideration, we decided to design and develop a custom website to address this issue. The website was designed with two main components: a page for players to view their payment information and make payments online, and a management portal for team managers and administrators. To store player data and process payments, we utilized MySQL and the Stripe API, respectively. These technologies allowed us to create a secure and reliable platform that could handle a large volume of transactions. One of the key features of our solution was the management portal, which provided a number of benefits for our organization. First, it allowed us to easily track the payments and balances of junior players, ensuring that everyone was up to date on their financial obligations. It also provided summaries for each team, so that team managers could see which players had paid and which ones were still outstanding. Additionally, the system was automated to send out emails to parents with payment information for their players, ensuring that everyone was kept informed.

The Results
Thanks to our solution, players can now make payments online, using a secure and user-friendly platform. This has greatly improved the payment process for the club, and has allowed them to handle the financial transactions of more than 300 players on 15 different teams, processing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process. The integration of the Stripe API has been crucial to the success of our solution. The API offers a wide range of payment options, including credit card and debit card payments, which have made it easy for players to make their payments in a way that is convenient for them. We are very pleased to have been able to provide such valuable assistance to Preston Lions FC, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with both the club and Stripe. We are confident that our solution will continue to be an extremely valuable resource for the club.

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