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We are Sky Storage, your affordable long-term storage provider. We strive to be a quick, inexpensive cloud storage provider with a strong focus on privacy, security and speed. Since we charge per gigabyte (GB), you can select exactly how much storage you require. You can choose to pay annually or every ten years. Check out our pricing Here. Here you can see a price comparison between us and other large cloud storage providers. We treat your privacy very seriously and always encrypt all of your data encrypted with AES-256. We will NEVER sell your data. Read more about our strict Privacy Policy. With your friends or team, you can easily share your files. Create numerous users for your team, then distribute your storage among them. Create shared folders so that your team can manage files easily between group members. Sky Storage is a division of Just Save.

Project Details

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    In Progress

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    Sky Storage

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    • Website Design
    • Website Development
    • Website Optimization
    • Website Maintenance
    • SEO
    • Automation

Project Details

Sky Storage was in need of a comprehensive website solution to improve their online presence and appeal to potential customers. They required the creation of two websites - a landing website and a cloud website - that were visually appealing, user-friendly, and fully functional. To achieve this, they needed a range of services, including website design, development, optimization, and search engine optimization (SEO). They also wanted to implement automation solutions to streamline their online operations and reduce the burden on their team. Finally, they needed ongoing website maintenance to ensure that their websites remained up to date and running smoothly. With these requirements in mind, Sky Storage turned to a team of experienced web professionals to bring their vision to life.

Our Solution
We designed the landing website for Sky Storage with a simple layout and a brief summary of the company. The website included a pricing page that used Sky Storage's API to display pricing information. We also included a compare pricing feature that used pricing data from other cloud providers. For the cloud website, we included a sign up and login page, followed by an account page where users could edit their account information. The pricing page on the cloud website required payment processing, which we implemented using the Stripe API. Once payment was confirmed, the user's cloud drive would be allocated and they would be able to upload, download, edit, and preview their files. We also used automation to send emails and allocate cloud storage automatically.

The Results
The project was a success in that it achieved the goals set out at the beginning. The landing website provided a clear and concise overview of Sky Storage, and the pricing page used the company's API to display accurate and up-to-date pricing information. The compare pricing feature allowed users to easily compare Sky Storage's prices to those of other cloud providers. The cloud website was also successful, with a clear and user-friendly sign up and login process. The account page allowed users to easily manage their account information, and the pricing page used the Stripe API to facilitate payment processing. Once payment was confirmed, users were able to access their allocated cloud storage and use it to upload, download, edit, and preview their files. The automation features, such as automatic email sending and cloud storage allocation, worked smoothly and helped streamline the user experience. Overall, the project was a success in meeting its goals and delivering a functional and user-friendly landing website and cloud platform for Sky Storage. Sky Storage and our team are currently collaborating on the development and release of mobile apps for IOS and Android devices.

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